Houstonians flock to Astrodome for a last look before $105M renovations
Houston Chronicle – Apr 15, 2018
Months before the Eighth Wonder of the World is repurposed for its next chapter of use, thousands of Houstonians flocked to get one last look at the Astrodome’s historic, evocative interior.

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Goodbye for Now: Houstonians Celebrate the Astrodome Ahead of Renovations
Free Press Houston – Apr 11, 2018
On Monday night, tens of thousands of fans, historians, politicians and dreamers descended upon the Astrodome for one last peek at the collection of cherished memories and decades of childhood dreams.

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Domecoming: A Lok at the Past and Present of the Astrodome
The Buzz – Apr 10, 2018
Less than two hours after the Domecoming event was announced, 25,000 passes were reserved by the general public. The sold-out event on April 9, the 53rd anniversary of the inaugural event at the Astrodome, was a success. Lines were wrapped around the Dome well in advance and hours after the event began.

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Fans help usher in new era for Astrodome
Houston Chronicle – Apr 10, 2018
Barbara Hauser, who attended opening day of the Astrodome in 1965, wears her original Spacette usher uniform Monday as she attends “Domecoming,” an event celebrating the landmark’s 53rd anniversary.

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Domecoming: Fans party like it’s 1965 at Astrodome
Click2Houston – Apr 8, 2018
The Astrodome Conservancy last month announced the “Domecoming” party to mark the 53rd anniversary of the so-called Eighth Wonder of the World. Within two hours, 25,000 tickets were gone, according to Phoebe Tudor, chair of the Astrodome Conservancy.

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A Domecoming to Remember
Texas Monthly – Apr 1, 2018
When the Astrodome opened to the public on April 9, 1965 with an exhibition game between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees—led by Mickey Mantle, who would use the occasion to chalk up both the first hit and the first home run in the vast new stadium—the 47,000-plus spectators were greeted at the turnstiles by ticket-takers, known as Space Cadets, dressed in blue and orange spacesuits, complete with a glass-fronted space helmet.

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Houston Astrodome Will Host “Domecoming” Before Undergoing Renovation
Houston Public Media – Mar 20, 2018
The non-profit organization Astrodome Conservancy announced Tuesday an event called ‘Domecoming’ that will take place on April 9 and will offer the public an opportunity to see the inside of the Astrodome before redevelopment of the iconic venue begins this fall.

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Sports, sculptures, stargazing – What could be in store for the Astrodome
Houston Business Journal – Feb 16, 2017
On Feb. 9,the Astrodome Conservancy presented its plan to work with Harris County and native Houstonians on developing short-term activations to open the Dome up to the public.

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Astrodome-RebornAstrodome Reborn
Ed Emmett, Harris County Judge
This booklet is designed as a brief showcase of the past, present and – most importantly – the future of the Harris County Domed Stadium, known worldwide as “The Astrodome.”

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The Astrodome is ours
Houston Chronicle – Feb 15, 2017
There are many uses for this repurposed building, and almost all offer themselves to a complete cross-section of our citizens, making public use of a grand public space.

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Quick Coolness for the Dome?
Houston Chronicle – Feb 10, 2017
The Astrodome mulls a light show and other “activations.”

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Dome-tastic Future
Houston Chronicle – Feb 2, 2017
The historic structure, now with a landmark designation, could become a must-see site … “Architecturally, it is one of the most significant sports and entertainment venues in history, setting the standard for modern facilities around the world.”

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The Landmark That Embodies the Soul of Houston
Realty New Report – Jan 30, 2017
The Astrodome – an accomplishment in engineering that symbolizes Houston’s can-do spirit – has just been designated as a “State Antiquities Landmark” by the Texas Historical Commission.

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